How to Get Canva Pro for FREE | [No Credit Card – Lifetime]

Surely you are here for enrolling Canva Pro Premium Account for FREE :-

Today in this article ‘How to Get Canva Pro for FREE‘ I’ll show you that how you can get Canva Pro Premium account for free No Credit Card required very easily. Just for this article to get Canva Pro Premium Account.

The matter is such that Canva Pro gives Premium subscriptions to it’s student for free as well as teachers too. Earlier Canva Pro used to run advertisements in which they used to provide free canva pro for education purpose. If you own a .Edu mail then you can easily access Canva Pro Premium Account for lifetime.

If you do not have edu mail then you do not need to be monotonous, I will tell you how you can get temporary .edu mail for free, through which you can get Canva Pro Premium Account for free.

What is Canva Premium?

It is a Premium plan for Canva Free which come with additional features, including unlimited storage for photo and  template for store in, And also it include pro images, elements and for that looks so premium. If you are not a Canva Premium then normally you have to pay $1-$20 per elements but when you purchase a Canva Pro Premium Subscription, then you can freely use all pro elements of Canva And you can also use all premium photo and video that are available in Canva Library for free.

What Is the difference between Canva Pro And Premium?

Canva free version is it worth: It’s great for you if you only need to create a simple design through it.

On the other hand the Canva Pro is a Premium version of it’s own that includes premium elements;

  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • Photos
  • Features and more.

It is a trusted service that trusted by over 31 million users in Roughly speaking 192 countries worldwide. Some popular brands user of Canva are;

  • HuffPost
  • GreenPeace
  • Duke University and
  • Anytime Fitness

Canva Free Plan

This Includes;

  • 200 000 + Photos
  • Over 250 000 Templates
  • Over 57 000 graphic elements and over 13 000 videos 
  • Over 1700 Fonts to choose from
  • Access to 75 audio tracks
  • 6 animation effects
  • Storage capacity of 5GB
  • Give access to your team
  • Create two folders
  • Get a brand kit

Canva Pro Premium Plan

This includes;

Background removal capabilities

  • A Professional Brand Kit
  • Over 420 000 Templates
  • Over 75 million images, audios, and videos 
  • Resize Images easily
  • Schedule your Content 
  • Transparent background designs
  • 1 price for up to 5 teammates
  • Real-time collaboration 
  • Create animations
  • Over 3000 fonts to choose from
  • Create as many folders as you like
  • High-quality
  • Add your own fonts
  • Save designs in SVG format
  • Premium Support 
  • Get 100GB storage

Is it Worth Upgrading to Canva Pro Premium?

It you are looking to design your template to the next level through premium assets, most welcome to Canva Pro Premium.


  • Over 80 million digital assets,
  • A storage of over 100GB,
  • Over 27 000 royalty free music,
  • Over 430 000 design templates,
  • Over 3500 fonts,
  • As many folders and sub-folders to organize your work as you like,
  • World-class collaboration tools and
  • Other features that will save you a considerable amount of time then Canva Pro is worth it.

Do you really need this many features?

If ‘yes‘ continue this post next I’ll tell you how you can access Canva Pro Premium Subscription.

How to Get Canva Pro Premium for FREE?

Follow this simple steps to get Canva Pro Premium for Lifetime.

1. Go to “” this is a temporary email provider website which give you a temporary .Edu mail which is available for 10 mins.
2. After getting .Edu mail you now need visit :  “” which know for ‘Canva For Education Web Page’ when it open now sign up with .Edu mail then a otp will get to temporary mail website see there and verify it. After doing this all you’ll now eligible to access all premium tool on canva website website. Hahaha Canva Pro Premium in now Activated for Lifetime. It’s quite simple? Let me know in comment box.

3. You can Change E-mail Address
As I told you above that .Edu mail is valid for only 10 min so you need to change that main to you real gmail in this canva account so that it can easily accessible. Visit “” and add your real Gmail Account.

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