Gmail Account Login – How to Login or Create Gmail Account?

Gmail Account Login – Today in this article we will disclose how to login or create a Gmail Account- 2021. Earlier Gmail was launched in 2007 but it were used by us from 2007 and it popular WebMail Service in the digital world and it exists worldwide anyone can access it from anywhere. It is used by over 5 billion people globally according to playstore app installed. When it come first time it offers 1Gb of storage and now in today’s time it offers 15Gb free storage by replacing previous year program, it is the one of the earliest offering free storage services. Utmost it pioneered the “thread” style inbox, And this email-service introductory labels and the traditional folder structure.

Gmail Account Login

If you want to login into gmail account first of all you should have a Gmail Account if you’re don’t have so here tutor for creating gmail account:-

Google > Gmail > Gmail – Google > Click Get Gmail > Fill the Details > Next – Verify Phone Number > All Done

  1. Open Google
  2. Search “Gmail”
  3. Click First Link – Gmail – Google
  4. Then it will go to main Gmail page
  5. Click Get Gmail Button
  6. Next you will see fill details like Name, date of birth, choose username, password
  7. When all fill check it once & Click Next
  8. Now here you will need to verify your phone number verify it.
  9. Now All Done :-
  10. Now you can simply login follow the above five steps & at place of Get Gmail Button click up right sign in button & All Done 🙂

Over the past few years gmail base has been grown it mean that there are millions of or trillions of gmail so it’s unlikely that your name will appear in your google account username, & most importantly “add a recovery eMail or phone number” because if in future you forget your password then you can reset it.

Some Basic features you should know about Gmail – Gmail Account Login

#Gmail Inbox

In Gmail menu section you will see top three tab in your inbox ‘Primary, Social, Promotions’ in this particular tab you incoming email will show in Primary Tab and social media which where connected through your gmail account there notification will show in Social tab & last Promotion tab in this tab google will show advertisement.

Use the Category tab

Did you know that whenever you get any mail sent to you, that mail goes in a tab category and then you can manually create the tab yourself and pin it to the top menu.

If you’re working on multiple projects or clients at once, and you want that particular project mail categorizes into different tab, This is particularly helpful. You can keep your inbox much empty and clean.

Utilize Uses Of Category

Whenever we get an email or someone emails us, we can create a separate category for them if we want.

If we click on the ‘+’ icon If you click the “+” icon next to the current label on the Inbox main page, you’ll see a list of categories for your recent message. Your inbox will also get updated to your recent category which you were created.

Email Recipient

At the top left corner of your Gmail Account, There will we a option compose box or button “red compose” on on it.

If you don’t know about email composer window you should invest your time in exploring all the features you can do in the email composer window which is one of the most important feature of the Gmail Section Interface.

Secretly Know Feature: When you open eMail composer it will open in a window at lower right corner on your desktop screen. But what is the trick you can open it in full screen in new window by holding down Shift and clicking on the resize arrows in the upper right corner with the shift key pressed, now the double arrow icon will be a bold single arrow when you move mouse over it. And you’ll see the email composer in a separate window.

Advantages of doing this is that you can easily write email clearly in different area of the screen, or it will be completely different screen, without blocking your web browser. Using it, you can write and send emails multitasking.

eMail Text Structure

If you familiar with other email service you must noticed that the To, Cc, Bcc and Subject Field at the top of there window. Unlike most eMail Service, Gmail Text Structure menu is located at the bottom of it’s window rather than at the top.

You can structure your email text just like you would in a word designing program, such as font style of text, colour, font size, bullet list, or block quote can be changed.

Other top Standard items can be found in the following menu below:

Emoticon; The list of Emoticons has improved alot over the year’s. There are generally five emoticons categories on the website.

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